Oh Snap! shots

A picture is NOT worth a thousand words, in most cases. Most people pose for pictures and we only see their best. Well, this is not the case with Oh Snap! shots. I want your real pictures. The unposed ones. And yes, sometimes even your stank-nasty, dirty, behind-on-laundry, kids-screaming,  can't-believe-I'm-posting-this-for-the-world-to-see pictures. Just remember, that by sending me your pics, you are giving me full rights to use them on my sight and won't be all upset when they go viral. I will be world famous, ya know? ;)

Just email them to me or follow me on Facebook and tag me in your pics! I love seeing put-together shots, but sharing reality is so much more entertaining...

Couldn't you just squeeze this little guy's cheeks? Even though he is up to no good?

"Oh Snap! Shots" is original to Briantics. Please contact if you would like to use this name in your own material. Photos of this blog all belong to Briantics. Please do not use without permission...

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