Friday, August 3, 2012

Oh Snap! Shots Friday

Sometimes kids don't make the smartest decisions.

Heck, sometimes adults don't either.

This week's pictures show a progression of poor decisions that could have ended pretty badly. (But, I'm glad they didn't! That way, we can laugh without any guilt!) Enjoy!

In Real Life,
Oh Snap!

"Now That Probably Wasn't Such a Good Idea, Was It?"
Climbing onto the dinner table,
Climbing a little higher onto the piano for a "performance",
Climbing a lot higher onto the monkey bars,
(F.Y.I. Dad actually encouraged this one)

Climbing onto a ladder, set inside a front loader
extended ten feet in the air.
(I can't believe this one didn't end in a trip to the hospital).

"Hmmm, this seems like the perfect place to stuff a bead."

"Hmmm, this seems like the perfect place to stuff myself."

Next week's theme is "Something Might Be Growing Inside My Car." Snap a picture of the mess inside your car. Come on. I know how bad it can get. I'll even snap a pic of my own disaster. Just snap it on your phone and shoot it to me by email: 
And no worries... I won't post names...

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  1. haha! i love the picture of the bead shoved up the nose! luckily neither of my kids have done that..yet!!

    1. I know, right? Mine either. Although, driving to church one morning, I heard my oldest (when he was three) say "Mom!!! I have a raisin stuck in my nose!" I had to pull over and get it. Scared me to death!

  2. Do you know that somehow, some crazy-how, I never had a child with anything up their nose? Glory! And, why are kids always so enamored of the dryer???

    1. My oldest stuffed a raisin up his nose on the way to church one time. But, that's it! My favorite is a story my friend tells of her little boy. She said he started freaking out in the back seat, "Mommy! There's a tic-tac stuck up my nose! AHHH! MOMMY!" She was about to pull over when she heard him blow up nose as hard as he could, and then he said, "Never mind! I got it!" Gross. :)