Friday, October 5, 2012

Professional Nose Picker

The bead is out. 

I repeat, the bead is out.

It lay in Peanut's nasal cavity for nine whole days.

For those of you who don't know, my two-year old stuck a bead up his nose last week. Everyone seemed to doubt that it was still up there. 

Everyone but me. 

I knew that yellow bead hadn't made it's way to his digestive tract or any other tract for that matter. I had a feeling it was still tucked away nicely in his nose, perfectly out of sight.

You ask me how I know.

I know, because things aren't done half-way in the Hendrick household.

I know, because I'd already searched through poop for a quarter that Opie had swallowed when he was three. "Stuffing object up nose" was still needing to be checked off of my parent checklist.

The E.N.T. went up and immediately extracted the little booger. 

Not the bead. He literally extracted a little booger that was blocking the view to Peanut's upper nasal cavity.

Then he saw it. The bead. Snuggled deep inside Peanut's nose. 

Who knew doctors could stick instruments so far up noses?

Who knew a twenty-five pound Peanut could be so strong when you start putting those instruments up there? 

For now, the bead fiasco is overPeanut is safe. And the antibiotics will begin tonight. 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to rid my home of anything smaller than a basketball...lest I have to check anything else off of my parent checklist.


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Happiness? Bah-Humbug.

I used to try to be happy.

Really hard.

I tried smiling more. I worked out more. I read my Bible more. I prayed more for happiness.

But the harder I worked to find it, the more happiness seemed to elude me. Why would God not answer such a heartfelt prayer?

My life felt empty. It was even worse since I was supposed to be a Christian and here I was struggling with finding happiness!?! The guilt alone from that made me even more unhappy! Why couldn't I just be happy for heaven's sake?

Then, I had my first baby. I was certain I would find happiness. But, post-partum depression kicked in. Insomnia started. I was emotionally and physically exhausted. "Where are you God?" I cried to Him. "I know You have the power to heal me and bring me to a better place. Why aren't You helping me? I am in pain and You are choosing to be silent? Where are You?"

Happiness was no where in sight. I figured that God was punishing me for something. At times, I even questioned my Faith, and wondered why I continued to pray to someone who obviously didn't care. If He really was there, He would have known how unbearable it was and would have healed me.

That was a tough place to be.  It's been eight years since that time and I am amazed at how far I've come. Not like I'm saying, "I have arrived, ladies! And, man, is the view from the top great!" No way! I am still climbing this mountain, but it feels good when you know you've made some progress, right?

Happiness is such a loaded word. We think it means being all smiles, waking up every day and thinking, "I am so happy! Isn't life wonderful? Like a big bowl of cherries!" Well, sorry Pollyana, but when I'm around someone like that, I want to haul off and whack 'em in the back of the head. "Hey! Why don't you be real and keep your annoying happiness to yourself!" (Wowzers. Perhaps that was a bit much?)

The truth is true inner happiness is not an emotion. It's a state of mind. When I stopped waiting for my circumstances to change, for my husband to meet my expectations, or for my finances to be in order to be happy, I found contentment...which led to happiness.

My life has been more stressful in the past two years than ever before. I have cried more tears, dealt with more disappointments and lived in less than satisfying situations more than ever before, yet, I am happier than ever. (I know. It's shocking.)

The thing is, I stopped waiting on life to make me happy. Once I realized how deeply I was loved, (no matter how ugly or how messed up I had been) I was free to be happy. It had nothing to do with my situation. It had everything to do with my internal dialogue and resting in God's love.

God meant for us to lead a happy life. How we learn to do that though, is much harder than I ever realized. I look back and see that even in my deepest moments of despair, He wasn't ignoring me. He was teaching me to trust that He was there. Not to make everything better, but to show me that happiness isn't in this world, but in the depths of my soul, where He is. Where true happiness can not be destroyed, no matter what is happening externally.

Anger, tears, frustration, fears, insecurity, etc...All of these things were part of my finding true happiness. My Faith in God and staying near to His Word (even when I questioned my faith) kept me struggling on the path to find what I so desperately wanted. It was when I finally became content in the lows, that I was able to find true happiness.

And now, I stand here on the side of this mountain of life (Wow. That sounds all philosophical and stuff), looking at what I have gone through, and am deeply happy. It's that depth of happiness that makes me appreciate what I went through to get here.

And there's still sooo much more to learn...

photo credit: Dithedy via photo pin cc

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Poop Hunt

I like buried treasure.

But, not this kind.

You see, this morning Peanut found a tiny round yellow bead in the yard.

He was fascinated by it. He held it as I changed his diaper. He pretended to eat it, grinning every time I told him not to put it in his mouth. I should have known that stinker was up to no good.

I was putting the laundry hamper at the top of the stairs and preparing to get ready for our play-date when I heard him in the pantry behind me...

"Wheh' it go?"

I turned around, responding to his precious voice. (I smile every time that kid utters a word.)

"Where's what, buddy?"

He pointed to his nose.

"Wheh' it go?"

"Did you drop something in the pantry?" I asked him.

 I still wasn't computing. 

"Wheh' it go?" he said one more time as he pointed to his nose.

At that moment the "Oh, crap" side of my brain received it's first drip of my morning coffee.


I fell to my knees, lifted his chin and peered up his nose.

Way up in the tippy-top of his left nostril lay the bead. Stuck. Like, really stuck.

I tried to feel it through the outside of his nose, hoping to push it downward and loosen it.

You'd have thought I was amputating Peanut's arm, the way he was screaming. He probably knew by the panic on my face and in my voice, that the situation was not a good one.

I tried to reason with him.

He's two. That didn't work well.

So, I did the only thing I knew to do.

I blew my nose at him. "Do that, buddy!!! Blow your nose like this!"

He looked at me, stopped crying and much to my horror, he did the exact opposite of my glorious demonstration. He sucked IN with all of his might. "No! No! Noooooooooo!!!"

I took another look.


As in, the bead is no longer visible or attainable. As in, I could already picture the X-ray and the surgery planned to retrieve this dad-blasted yellow bead.

"So much for the play-date. I'll be headed to the ER," I thought.

But, my pediatrician told me it was possible that it went down the back of his throat and he swallowed it. Also, since it's plastic, it probably wouldn't show up on the X-ray, anyway.

So, all I can do for the next couple of days is wait.

And search for buried treasure.

Every time he poops. :)

But, knowing what could be in the cards if I don't find that bead, I'll be shaken' my own booty if I find that booty.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mojo Mama

I'm getting my groove back.

I did a whoppin' seven minutes on the elliptical at physical therapy. Look out Rio 2016!

It may not sound like much, but I'm feeling my muscles working again and that is such a good feeling. I have always begrudged exercise. (And if it wasn't for my husband being the self-disciplined motivator, I'd be 800 pounds by now.) But, I am actually looking forward to achieving my work-out goals. I used to take for granted being able to just jump in my car and go to the gym. Now, I can't even do a squat without permission. So, no complaining ladies! Get your good hips out there and work out!

The season is changing in Jersey. And, since the entire family needed new threads for the fall/winter (my favorite time of year), we drove this past Sunday into Morristown to go shopping at Century 21. (Not the real estate company. It's an actual discount store full of crazy-good designer stuff.)

I had straightened my hair and tried to look as good as possible. Morristown is known for being a city full of young singles with a kicking' night-life. Not like I was going for that, but I didn't want to go into "Jerseylicious" lookin' all "pony-tail-mommalicious."

We shopped for two hours. And guess what I got?

Not a daaaang thing.

It took two hours to pick out, hold up, try on and purchase clothes just for the two kids! Peanut was actually better than we expected. We only lost him once for about thirty seconds (which in a department store, seems like fifteen minutes). It was actually Opie that made the trip more difficult.

He is now in the "I-hate-shopping-but-I-won't-wear-anything-you-pick-out-because-it-looks-like-church-clothes-and-I-just-want-clothes-with-basketballs-on-them" phase. He won't wear stripes, plaids, character shirts, solid shirts, collared shirts, button-up shirts or shirts that do not pertain to basketball or another sport. And he is now at the age where you have to try everything on, because sizes vary by designer. And since Morristown is thirty minutes away, the chances of this mama driving back to return an item are extremely unlikely.

While I paid for everything, the hubs took the boys back to the car and told me to meet him there. As I left the store, I hopped onto the sidewalk and headed towards our car down the street.

On my left, there was a young, cute guy walking towards town. I didn't want to hit on him or anything, but I was feeling kind of sassy with my straight hair. (and the shopping bags were great for covering the new weight on my lower extremities.) So, as he caught my eye, I did a quick smile.


I didn't even get a courtesy smile.

"I've lost it, " I thought to myself. "Whatever I used to have, I have lost it."

I continued my stride, mourning the loss of my younger days. It was a sad day. (See? I am human and shallow at times.)

As I continued towards my crew, up ahead I noticed three more handsome guys walking my direction. I didn't even try to smile. I held my head up, but held out no hopes for even the slightest smirk.

But, as they passed by, one of them looked at me and said in the sweetest voice, "You're looking rather lovely today."

My brain went to mush. I think I muttered "Thank you." Probably incoherently, because I was in such shock. I couldn't believe it! "Thank you, God," I said. "And whether he was speaking the truth or just winning a bet, it's no matter to me!" I was in heaven. I floated all the way to the car and I couldn't wait to tell my wonderful husband what had just happened!

The moment I saw him, I blurted out, "I just got a compliment from a guy on the street!"

He looked surprised. "Really? What did he say?"

"He said, "You're looking rather lovely today.""

I was on could nine. My confidence was boosted. And now, I was gloating to my husband, in some weird way, to remind him of the fantastic decision he'd made twelve years ago to marry me.

Then Opie spoke up, in all seriousness, with the ego-deflating comment of the century:

"Mom, was the guy homeless?"



Monday, September 17, 2012

Operation: Invest in Myself

So, it's no surprise that I haven't felt quite like myself since hip surgery. Being unable to exercise for months on end does things to your body. So does being depressed and eating a bag of Oreo's, but that's neither here nor there...

Whether it's junk food or lack of movement, my body has been in dire need of some TLC.

So, since starting my new Bible Study, Take Back Your Temple (I highly recommend it.), and actually incorporating exercises into my physical therapy regime, I can tell a difference in how I look. But, more importantly, I see a big improvement in how I feel.

I've also been making myself straighten my hair...every three days. (Day 1: Wash, Straighten. Down and Gaw'-geous, Day 2: Headband Day, 3: Ponytail Momma, Day 4: Repeat) My husband loves it and it makes me feel 100% better about myself. I have also been applying actual make-up before I go anywhere, even to physical therapy. I am seeing a huge difference in how I view myself when I am all "gussied up."

Gone are the days when I could skip make-up without drawing a few stares of pity. Now, my husband will actually offer to turn the car around if we are running late and I forget to grab my make-up.

Wow. The honeymoon is O-V-E-R.

Oh well, I guess that's part of getting older.

Well, I ain't going down without a fight! So, I am busting my tail to feel like a million bucks again. It may sound shallow, but I like feeling pretty. And the way I see it, that 'shore doesn't make my husband unhappy.

So, I started "Operation Invest in Myself."

Yeah, I named it. And my hubby and kids know about it.

It's my Mission. Spiritually, physically, mentally. Anything that makes me stronger, better, happier, healthier (within reason people), those are the things I choose to do.

Mama put herself back on the Need's List! Can I get a wooh-wooh?!!

I'm not talking about putting yourself in front of taking care of your kids. ("Sorry there are no groceries, children. Mommy really needed to expand her fall wardrobe.") I'm just saying that some Moms (myself included) tend to start believing we aren't worth the time or the money, so we just keep putting ourselves last. And pretty soon, we view wearing ponytails and pajama-pants to the grocery store *gasp* as the norm.

This Operation Invest in Myself is quite time-consuming. I forgot how much work goes in to making yourself fabulous. (I wonder how much time Kim Kardashian takes to get ready...) But, it is so worth it. My kids and my husband are reaping the benefits of this Mama feeling good about herself again.

But, don't be hatin' if you see me at the grocery in my PJ's. Cuz' some days, you gotta do what you gotta do.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"Be Still" Give-Away!

It's been over a week since I made the choice to be still.

It's been nothing short of amazing.

It took me a few days to get out of "blog" mode. I had moments with my boys where the nagging temptation to snap a photo or brainstorm clever, witty ways to document it were overwhelming. I had definitely gotten way out of balance and have enjoyed the transition of getting back into "normal mommy" mode. 

A few weeks ago I received an email requesting that I watch and review an upcoming women's short film called True Beauty, by Lisa Fran. It's a 3-part DVD series for women. It sounded like a great opportunity, so I agreed to watch the first of the three films and do a review.

I kept putting it off and putting it off. But, even during my "break," I felt the need to follow-through on what I had originally agreed to do. So, when Peanut was down for a nap, and the hubs had taken Opie to a birthday party, I decided it was time to finally watch the film. It was so quiet in the house (that was a weird feeling) and I was thankful to have a while to blog, without putting my kids or anything else on the back burner.

I went to the website and entered the private password I'd been given. And when the film began, the title 'bout knocked me back ten feet in my seat, ya'll.

It was: Be Still.

(Ooo-weeee-ooooo) Yeah, what are the chances?

Needless to say, I was pretty convinced that God had put this in my path for a reason. And it did not disappoint. I watched the film (it was about twenty minutes long) and was so convicted by I saw. 

It was a touching short film. Lisa Fran was so sincere and tackled a subject that we, as women, need to hear. Especially in this "who-can-do-the-most-and-still-have-it-all-together" society we live in. She convicted me on how I spend my time and excuses I make for why I'm not still. I loved the sweetness of how this stillness was portrayed. It was right on.

We are so busy. We are baking, cleaning, sewing, working, parenting, watching, typing, creating, blogging, exercising, etc. We've got parties to plan, cakes to make, houses to decorate, Facebook statuses to update and yet we keep making excuses as to why we can't slow down. But, in the midst of the chaos, we are being called by God, Himself, to take a breather and just be. I didn't realize that I'd been too busy to do that.

I ain't gonna lie. I still have lofty dreams of really growing this little-piece-of-me blog and touching thousands of women who are as overwhelmed and hard on themselves as I am. But, if trying to achieve greatness makes me lose out on a relationship with the One who is greater, than my dreams will be worthless.

I hate gettin' all serious on you. You know I like to laugh and hoot and holler with the best of 'em. But, this being still is not something to be taken lightly. Life is fast. Time goes by. And what is your life headed for? 

Being still is hard. It is un-natural. And staying fast-paced keeps us from having to face the things deep within our hearts. Even laughter can be a way to hide the reality of our soul. But, this week, as I have gotten back into just listening and being still, I am seeing how my mind is at ease. My thoughts aren't chaotic. I make better decisions for myself. And the need to impress and be whatever someone else is, seems to be dissipating. 

And that is such a good place to be.

PS. There is a GIVE-AWAY!! One lucky reader will win a copy of Lisa Fran's first DVD in the series, Be Still. To enter, just leave a comment on this blog post or on my Briantics Facebook page about being stillSo, what are you waiting for?? Click on this link to check out the trailer of True Beauty, Be Still


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Final Post. Well, Not Really.

Can I be brutally honest?

I've hit a rough patch on this journey of finding myself.

Life as a wife with a traveling husband, a toddler and an active eight year-old is proving to be a lot. I have two upcoming women's Bible studies (one of which I am leading), a speaking engagement (of which I am stoked about!), and Opie just started Fall Baseball. Throw in sewing lessons, church work and writing a blog and it's a wonder I'm not in a padded room wearing a snug white jacket. 

Case in point: 

Today, as I was leaving for Opie's baseball practice, I drove to our mailbox to pick up the mail. (You have to drive around to the back of our house to an adjacent street.) As I was driving home from Opie's practice, it hit me. I never got the mail. I had driven to the mailbox, done a complete one-eighty and had never even given the mail a second thought.  

Yes. It is time for a mental breakdown break.

I love this blog. It's such a joy to write to you about life and my craziness. But, lately, it's become too much. My marriage and my role as a Mommy have been suffering. And my relationship with the One who gives me the strength to endure all of the craziness has gotten shuffled around. This can't be.

Today, I got on my knees for the first time in a long time. Oh, I pray all of the time. But, it'd been a while since I had physically kneeled to pray. There is something so powerful in that. I simply asked God to help me be still. 

So, I am taking a break. 

To be still.

To listen.

To reflect.

To be healed and changed.

To play with my boys and mentally be there in that moment.

To live a day without blogging about it.

To do away with my Pin-security. 

To put the kids to bed, without hurrying. 

To snuggle with my husband instead of sitting next to him with a computer in my lap. (Do you know how thrilled he will be to hear this?)

You see ladies, it is not possible to have it all. To do one thing, we must give up something else. 

Every day we make choices on what we do with our time. Those choices reveal what our heart desires.
Is it money? Fame? Popularity? Am I trying to prove something to others? To myself? 

The truth is, I already know I am deeply loved. By my Creator. By my family. My husband. My children. And it is that love that keeps me going. Striving. To constantly be asking, "Lord, change me. Into the person You want me to be. For You. For them. For me." 

This isn't good-bye. This is just 'you won't be seeing as much of me for a while'. I will have to post occasional stories of my crazy antics (just to make you laugh), deep thoughts I have to put into words and whatever amazing things come my way. I even have a gorgeous jewelry give-away to do. (So, you know I won't be going too far!)

But, I must live my life in the season I am given. And right now, this is the Oh-my-word-how-can-I-manage-all-of-this-insanity-without-looking-like-a-trainwreck Season. 

Now, don't lose any sleep tonight. (okay, I flatter myself) You ain't heard the last of me yet. I'm just gonna limit my writing to when I can actually do it without sacrificing my kiddos, my marriage, and my sanity. 

It's a thin thread, people. A thin thread. :)


PS. Thanks for all of your support, comments and love. It is why I do this. I can't wait to see what God has in store, so when I return full-force, oh, the stories we will share!

Sunday, September 2, 2012


I ain't gonna lie.

I am pooped.

I mean, pooped.

I got back home a couple of hours ago from a one week trip visiting friends and family near Baltimore (and boy, was it fantastic!).

My husband couldn't go, so it I did it Hans Solo, which means, oh yeah, I already mentioned it...I am pooped.And because of the craziness, Friday's Oh! Snap Shots did not get done.

So, now you have proof (as if you didn't have enough already) that I don't have it all together. And yes, I could stay up until midnight tonight catching up on the blog, but honestly? I don't want to. My brain hurts, my son is watching iCarly and I really don't have the energy to tell him to turn it down, let alone ask him to turn it off, brush his teeth and go to bed.

I'm toast.

And since my oldest is starting school on Thursday, it's gonna be another crazy kind of week. (I'm Hans Solo again.)

But, this Mama's gotta keep her priorities right. And I must soak up every last minute with my little red-head before he is an official third grader. I see Opie and Peanut growing up before my very eyes. And as much as I look forward to having more Mommy time soon, I recognize all to well, that these summer days are priceless.

So, here's some pictures from our trip for you to enjoy. It really was fantastic. I am so thankful for the friends God brought into my life while we lived in Maryland for such a short time. I could go on and on, but alas...

I am pooped. And here's just a smidgen of why I'm that way....

Break #1 on the drive down.
Shooting our car in the car wash... (Peanut shirtless from OJ spill)

Break #2 on the drive down:
Amazing playground. Stick sword-fighting.

Day 1-2
The Casamento Casa.
Watching Dumbo.

Day 2
Visit to the Hotel where we lived in Maryland.
Reminisced. Precious Memories.
Day 3-4
The Manly Family.
Loved it.
Playing at the Manly Mansion.

Day 5-7
Stayed with my Uncle and Aunt.
They took us to the National Harbor.

The kids loved it. 

At the Gaylord Hotel.

At Chuck E. Cheese.
Their favorite activity of the trip.
(That's my fantastic Aunt Ann in the background)

Day 7
Break #1 on the Drive Home
Airport Playground where we used to play.
 Good times.

"You can take the boy out of the country...."

Watching airplanes land at the playground. (see it in the sky?)
Can't believe the last time I was there, Peanut was in an infant car seat and I was strolling him around. (insert Mommy tears here)

Last Stop in Maryland.
Lunch with the Casamento's to give the boys (and momma's) a chance to laugh together one last time. (and to pick up a pair of sandals that were left behind)

I didn't get to go to Annapolis like I'd wanted, but I didn't want to miss any time with the precious people God has blessed us with. 

Thanks Maryland! 


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Letter to Myself

Dear Self,

I know you mean well, but the high expectations you constantly place on me unintentionally make life seem impossible. It's daunting enough just trying to stay on top of things, but why do you make me feel like I'm always supposed to be doing more?

More crafts. More exercise. More cleaning. More home-cooked meals. More one-on-one time with my children.  More Bible time. More organization. More. More. More.

And, it's never enough.

I'm not skinny enough. Healthy enough. I don't clean enough. I'm not creative enough. Pretty enough. Fashionable enough. Spiritual enough. Disciplined enough. Nice enough. Fun enough. Hospitable enough. Smart enough. Thankful enough.

So, I try so hard to be better.

Better at saving money. Better with my time. Better at slowing down. Better at speeding up. Better at being a wife. Being a better friend. Better at household management. Being a better parent.

And just when I think I'm doing better, someone else comes along who's doing more, and again, I'm back to feeling like I'm not enough.

Why can't I just ever be enough?

Sincerely Exhausted,


Have you ever felt like you could have written the above letter? Maybe it's just me, but we all have times as women where we struggle with just feeling like we are simply enough. That we are loved and appreciated just as we are.

 There's a movie I saw years ago called, "Forces of Nature", with Ben Affleck and Sandra Bullock. In one scene, they are dancing, and Sandra starts giving Ben marriage advice, since he is headed to his wedding. One line has stuck with me after all of these years. She says to him, "No matter what annoying habits she has, just realize that she's dealing with a huge mountain of imperfections every day. So you might just want to let it go."

I loved that line! As women, we set such high expectations on ourselves and struggle with what to do when we can't live up to them.

News Flash: 
Your imperfections do not define who you are. 
They have made you who you are. 

You're enough because God made you and loves you just as you are.

You don't have to be better  or try harder for His love.

He loves you more than you ever thought possible.

Enough actually is enough.

Trying to be better is fine, but do it in the understanding that you are already enough

You are worth way more than you give yourself credit for. 

You really are. 



Monday, August 27, 2012

Presidential Dumb-dumb

Welcome to Hotel Homeschool... Newborn Style.

Opie had just started first grade when Peanut was born. Two weeks later, we moved to Maryland to live in a hotel while my husband finished job training. I didn't want Opie to have to change schools three times in one year, so I decided (in a moment of temporary insanity),  to homeschool him in the hotel (with a newborn!?!) until we could get settled in New Jersey. (Oh. My. Word!)

Since we were so close to D.C., I decided to take a field trip into the city to visit some famous monuments. I was thankful to be able to do this with him at such an impressionable age. I was determined to take full advantage of living so close to such a great city. 

When we arrived in Washington, I was in awe myself. I'd only ridden through the city once, years before, and I was as giddy as he was. (okay, probably more so)

We walked to the World War II Memorial and gazed at the fountains and the giant eagles. I shared with Opie some of the names etched on the stones and what they meant. It was moving and powerful. I was already deeply impressed with how I, his Mother, was handling this field trip. Didn't I deserve to be nominated for some Homeschooling Hall of Fame Award? 

(Ever notice that right when you think you're Smarty McSmarterton, you get whacked back down to Gumby status?)

We moved on past the Reflection Pool towards the pinnacle of our day: the awe-inspiring Lincoln Memorial. Inside, I was brimming with enthusiasm. "This moment could be a defining moment in Opie's life," I thought. "Where he could embark forth on a journey to become president himself.  I could just picture him swearing in, saying, "I owe it all to my Mother, who lit a spark in me on the day we stood at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial. She is the reason I stand before you today." He was about to see a magnificent example of how your life and character can make history.

We approached the Memorial. 

As we rounded the corner, Opie's eyes grew wide as he looked up at the enormous statue of Abraham Lincoln. For a moment, I watched him soak in the vast space around him. The huge columns. The etched writings of Lincoln on the walls. The richness of our Nation's history. His curiosity was palpable and this supermom was about to make homeschool history.

 So, with great passion and purpose, I spoke....(*Cue symphony of Star Spangled Banner*)

"Opie, (pause.) This is Abraham Lincoln, the fifth president of the United States of America."

What mother had e'er spoken words with such conviction and truth

"What did you just say?" my husband asked. 

I sensed I'd said something incorrectly. 

"Oh, Silly me! Opie, he was the sixth president."

My husband shook his head.




Wrong again.


Getting Warmer.


You gotta be kidding.


Somebody get this girl a cookie

So, the teachable moment? Not like I'd planned. 

My mommy big-head? Deflated.

And that Homeschool Hall of Fame Award? I'd have a better chance at winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

"And to think," my husband added, 
"you are in charge of my child's education."


Friday, August 24, 2012

Oh Snap! Shots: Moments

In real life, 
Oh Snap!


Life is full of them.

And kids make them extra special.

Moments that we freeze in our mind.

Moments of "Wow. I can't believe you're mine."

Proud moments with our little "helpers."

Loud Moments.

"Dat's too yowd" moments.

"Dat sparkler's weally scawy" moments.

Finding-new-"toys"-under-the-bathroom-sink moments.

Getting-into-everything-but-the-kitchen-sink moments.

Getting-into-everything-including-the-kitchen-sink moments.

"What in the world happened here?" moments.

"So that's where last week's snack went" moments.

Moments where they blow our minds with how they think, like protecting Mater and McQueen's eyes from the glaring sun.

"MOM, Come look at me!" moments.

"This is my life and I wouldn't have it any other way" moments.

I love these pictures! They make me smile! Next week's theme is: "What's in your wallet?" Dump out your purse or diaper bag, snap a picture and write a description of what you find. (Just do it. You know you need to clean it out anyway!) Go ahead and send it to me today, so you won't forget! I'm gonna do it, too!