Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Idiom Idiot

Idioms have never been my strong suit. 

And I get it honest. 

My Dad messes his phrases up, too.

In fact, when it comes to anything verbal, chances are I'm gonna botch something up. But, Lord be with me when I try to use phrases. Let's just say, I am quickly reminded that the idiom part of my brain did not quite develop properly. 

Here's proof.

1. Telling my boss over the phone that the 
display I created was so good, it was going to 
"blow his pants down." 

Let me explain myself.  
I combined two idioms. (I don't recommend that.)
"Blow your mind" and "Knock your socks off"
Only somehow, "socks" got turned into "pants."

2. I once told an old lady at church that 
her good friends were "a dime a dozen."

I thought that was a compliment.


You ever said anything you wish you could take back?

Welcome to my world. 



  1. TOO funny!! I've been around Jonathan, more so than you and I know, it MUST run in the family.. I love to hear his misquoted singing!! Hilarious! I so needed this laugh this morning.. THANKS!

  2. Don't forget your comment about the window displays! :) I'll never forget that story.

  3. Ok! Mine are too numerous to count! Too funny.