Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Big Decision

Opie was baptized a few weeks ago.

He'd been throwing all kinds of questions at us for a while. Then, he started saying, "Mom, I really want to know more about God."

So, we talked. A lot.

At one point he said, "Mom, I feel like the more answers I get, the more questions I have."

Welcome to life.

"Son, it will always be that way," I told Him. "And that's okay. Just remember, that committing your life to follow Christ doesn't mean you will have all of the answers. It just means that no matter what your questions are, you choose to always put your trust in Jesus."

I was then able (with a lump in my throat) to share the true beauty of following Christ. How He has (despite my wondering heart) continued to pursue me and fill me with hope, love and peace. 

April 14, 2013. Jayden's baptism and first communion. 

As I watch my oldest son grow and mature into an amazing little man, my heart is humbled.

Because I know ME.

But, the beauty is that God has still used this selfish, sometimes-grumpy Momma to lead her child towards the only One who can bring true wholeness to His life. 

And my heart is full. Beyond what I could ever have asked or imagined. 

Lord, continue to use me to point my boys to You, the Creator and Perfecter of my faith. May I only boast in my weaknesses, because when I am weak, You are strong. Change me to be like Jesus. And may my boys seek after the very Heart that brought theirs to life. 



  1. Happy Birthday to Opie! How precious! We miss y'all so much.

  2. So happy for my new little brother Opie! I can't imagine your pride and gratitude that this little man made this very personal and grown up decision. I remember when my husband was baptized, I was just humbled and so happy that maybe I had the tiniest part in him making the decision to become a Christian, though God gets all the glory! I will say a prayer of thankfulness for your family tonight!

    1. Thanks Melissa. What a precious comment. Made my day! You are a sweetheart!

  3. aww! How exciting! You must be one proud & happy mama. How old is he?

    1. I am proud. He is a special little guy. He is turning nine in a few days. I would usually think that was too young, but he is very mature for his age. (I know lots of moms say that, but he has had to grow up fast in all of our transition. And he was an only child for six years...) Thanks and can I say I looked at your blog yesterday and your little girl looks like her DADDY!!!!! Much love lady!

  4. Oh, Opie, what an amazing young man you are becoming! And, mama? You and his daddy are doing so amazingly well by this child. This made me tear right up.

    1. He is a special guy. God has shown me much mercy and grace through him. MUCH mercy and grace. Thanks for your sweetness. Now, I need to go catch up on your blog since I haven't gotten to read anything but the mail lately!! ;)