Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Skylines and Snow

Saturday night the hubs and I had a date.

We drove through the snow to eat Ethiopian food at a restaurant close to New York. As we topped a hill, I looked out and saw the New York City skyline.

I got giddy, as I do each and every time I see that magnificent sight.

Since moving to New Jersey, there have been highs and lows. I've sat at home with sick kids while my husband was away traveling with his job. I've felt the pain of missing family as I watch my nieces and nephews grow up on a computer screen. I've even had days where I think of all I gave up to come here. I miss my roomy, comfy home, my old furniture, and yes, even my waffle-maker. Those things sound so materialistic, but it's reality.

Yet, as I saw that night-time skyline through the falling snow, I was deeply moved.


Because as a young girl, I dreamed of New York City. I dreamed of snow. But, more than anything, I dreamed of seeing more. Doing more.

When I saw that skyline, I was reminded of God's loves for me 


A small-town girl from Alabama. A freckle-faced dreamer who, from the time she could think, wanted her life to be an adventure.

It hasn't been easy. I've overcome a lot to get to this point. But, I'm blessed to know that the Creator of the universe cared so much, that He wanted to express His love for me in such a way that I would get it. Who'd have thought that a snowy skyline would be it?

Thank you God, for remembering my dreams. And for bringing me through the hard times, so that these powerful moments remind me of your radical love for me.

He loves each of us that much.



  1. Thanks for the reminder! Good post!

    1. Troy, thanks. God has blessed me with friends like you guys. Miss you and Lori. Lots!

  2. Lovely post and such an optimistic way to look at challenges, Bri!! : ) Love you! Jaimie

  3. With you with every single word, girlfriend. Minus some freckles. :)