Friday, March 8, 2013

Girl Scout Cookie Smackdown

There are few things I am certain of in life.

One is that, come March, it's Girl Scout cookie time. 

And that means two things: Thin Mints & Samoas, the latter being my favorite.

My Husband ordered two boxes at work this year: His Tagalongs and My Samoas. I got my Thin Mints from a neighbor.

But, it's a downward spiral from there.

Here's a lil' peek into our conversation yesterday in the kitchen: 

(Disclaimer: Children under 14 might need to stop reading at this point. Mature content to follow.)

Picture the Hubs. Standing in the kitchen. Just finishing lunch. Eating the last of the thin mints I'd used so much self-conrol with. (Take note: I was waiting to use my calorie-frenzy on the Samoas that had yet to arrive.)

Hubs: "I still haven't gotten the Tagalongs from work yet." (pause...nom, nom...casually biting into his Thin Mint

And then he dropped a bomb on me. 

"I made the mistake of opening the Samoas yesterday at my desk. (laughing to himself) Everyone who came to see me grabbed a few and before I knew it they were gone!" (again, with the laughing)

Ain't nobody laughin' over here Captain Spock.

The rest of the conversation was a blur. 

I think I even blacked out at some point. 

And as for my wonderful, precious, awesome Husband?

Oh, He knows better now then to ever mess with my Samoas. 

And, just so you know?

I had myself a brand new box of my annual indulgence by the end of the day. 

PS. I did tell my husband I wanted the names and addresses of each coward that stole from my original box. Justice will be served. 



  1. Funny how he didn't open his tag-a-longs at work!

    1. Funny how he didn't open his tag-alongs at work. --Mom

  2. BAHAHAHA! I. Loved. This! Sister, I get you. I do. My hubs is the Samoa eater and I'm the Thin Mint eater. My sweetboy, however, has taken a shine to the Thin Mints. They have been hidden. I do not share.

  3. hahaha! boys better back off! how dare he open YOUR box of cookies!?