Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Talking Peanut

Peanut has had me cracking up ever since he started yapping.

I mean, He is a talker.

He gets it honest.

He is full of personality and can carry on a conversation at the ripe old age of two.

Here are two of my recent faves:


We were on the couch. I was on my laptop and Peanut was playing games on my iPhone.

I yelled at Opie as he ran outside, "Make sure you shut the door!

I didn't hear a door slam. As I leaned to see if it was closed, I said out loud to myself, "Well, did he shut it or not?"

Peanut didn't even look up from his game. "I hope so," he said. 


Opie had been having trouble with his first punk kid bully. 

After dropping him off at school one morning, I started talking to myself, rehearsing things he could say if the kid hit him again. I guess I got a little into it.

I said out loud (very passionately), "What do you think you're doing?"

From the backseat, a little voice piped up.

"I don' know."


That Peanut...

He has my heart.



  1. He has my heart, too. --Mawmaw

  2. What is it about little boys... :)
    Jude just started talking..I can't wait to have little conversations with him!

  3. Stinkin' cutie tootie! What a little pip. I love it!