Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mojo Mama

I'm getting my groove back.

I did a whoppin' seven minutes on the elliptical at physical therapy. Look out Rio 2016!

It may not sound like much, but I'm feeling my muscles working again and that is such a good feeling. I have always begrudged exercise. (And if it wasn't for my husband being the self-disciplined motivator, I'd be 800 pounds by now.) But, I am actually looking forward to achieving my work-out goals. I used to take for granted being able to just jump in my car and go to the gym. Now, I can't even do a squat without permission. So, no complaining ladies! Get your good hips out there and work out!

The season is changing in Jersey. And, since the entire family needed new threads for the fall/winter (my favorite time of year), we drove this past Sunday into Morristown to go shopping at Century 21. (Not the real estate company. It's an actual discount store full of crazy-good designer stuff.)

I had straightened my hair and tried to look as good as possible. Morristown is known for being a city full of young singles with a kicking' night-life. Not like I was going for that, but I didn't want to go into "Jerseylicious" lookin' all "pony-tail-mommalicious."

We shopped for two hours. And guess what I got?

Not a daaaang thing.

It took two hours to pick out, hold up, try on and purchase clothes just for the two kids! Peanut was actually better than we expected. We only lost him once for about thirty seconds (which in a department store, seems like fifteen minutes). It was actually Opie that made the trip more difficult.

He is now in the "I-hate-shopping-but-I-won't-wear-anything-you-pick-out-because-it-looks-like-church-clothes-and-I-just-want-clothes-with-basketballs-on-them" phase. He won't wear stripes, plaids, character shirts, solid shirts, collared shirts, button-up shirts or shirts that do not pertain to basketball or another sport. And he is now at the age where you have to try everything on, because sizes vary by designer. And since Morristown is thirty minutes away, the chances of this mama driving back to return an item are extremely unlikely.

While I paid for everything, the hubs took the boys back to the car and told me to meet him there. As I left the store, I hopped onto the sidewalk and headed towards our car down the street.

On my left, there was a young, cute guy walking towards town. I didn't want to hit on him or anything, but I was feeling kind of sassy with my straight hair. (and the shopping bags were great for covering the new weight on my lower extremities.) So, as he caught my eye, I did a quick smile.


I didn't even get a courtesy smile.

"I've lost it, " I thought to myself. "Whatever I used to have, I have lost it."

I continued my stride, mourning the loss of my younger days. It was a sad day. (See? I am human and shallow at times.)

As I continued towards my crew, up ahead I noticed three more handsome guys walking my direction. I didn't even try to smile. I held my head up, but held out no hopes for even the slightest smirk.

But, as they passed by, one of them looked at me and said in the sweetest voice, "You're looking rather lovely today."

My brain went to mush. I think I muttered "Thank you." Probably incoherently, because I was in such shock. I couldn't believe it! "Thank you, God," I said. "And whether he was speaking the truth or just winning a bet, it's no matter to me!" I was in heaven. I floated all the way to the car and I couldn't wait to tell my wonderful husband what had just happened!

The moment I saw him, I blurted out, "I just got a compliment from a guy on the street!"

He looked surprised. "Really? What did he say?"

"He said, "You're looking rather lovely today.""

I was on could nine. My confidence was boosted. And now, I was gloating to my husband, in some weird way, to remind him of the fantastic decision he'd made twelve years ago to marry me.

Then Opie spoke up, in all seriousness, with the ego-deflating comment of the century:

"Mom, was the guy homeless?"




  1. Replies
    1. How's that for making me feel like a million bucks? :)

  2. Funny. Think you have a plural on Hub you might want to alter or else folks might think you have more than one. I'll bet that first guy was blind. --mom

  3. are always nice for the ego ;)

  4. LOL - Jasmine told me I was looking like a "hot mama" again so she needs to take me shopping for some style. It must be the straightened hair, yep thats it!

    1. That's it! And you are looking like one hot mama!

  5. Oh Mama - you ARE lovely! :) Oh those dern kids. Always bustin' our balloons!