Friday, May 3, 2013

ME! ME! Vote for ME!

I rarely have ANY time to promote my blog. But, this week, time has allowed me to put in a few more hours than usual... hence, the multiple posts in one week....

I am trying to get back into it and would really like to generate some traffic flow my way. Heck, maybe even bring in some dough for the familia! (This stay-at-home-mom stuff just doesn't pay well...HA!)

Anywho, I was asked to partner with a special site that helps promote little ol' Mommy Bloggers like me. Do you see the badge in the sidebar to the right side of this post? It says, "Vote for Me - Mommy Hotspot." Well, if you found it, CLICK ON IT!

I get a vote for each click and I could actually win a little something. That doesn't interest me as much as expanding my audience, though. I would love to be able to touch the hearts of women everywhere. It's a dream of mine.

Also, if you haven't already, join the blog as a follower by clicking "Join this site" above the beautiful little pics of my followers. That will help my audience grow. And, honestly ya'll, the sweetest thing you could do for me is share my posts on Facebook or send them to a Mom who needs some encouragement and laughter. I do this for sanity, to keepsake memories, and most importantly, to make other women realize they are not alone.

So, there's my shameless plug. I hope it wasn't tacky. But, hey, if it was, remember I'm from the South! And we are all about some tacky!

Click the above button if you haven't done so yet!