Friday, June 15, 2012

Oh Snap! shots Friday

Well, I  had an overwhelming response to this new weekly addition. Thanks to every one who sent me pics!  By the way, instead of tagging me for your photos, click the "share" button underneath your picture. Then click the drop down arrow, "On Your Own Timeline", and chose, "In a Private Message".  That way, none of my readers will get a sneak peek at the shots! You can also email them to me.

And, please remember that your pictures are streamed over the internet, so don't send anything that you wouldn't want the world to see...(not that the world is following my blog, but I hope it gets there eventually!) Enjoy!

In real life...
Oh Snap!

Babies Cry. Some more than others. Seriously. Babies cry.

They eat like pigs...

They get into Everything...

They make very bad decisions...

Like, seeing if their head will fit between the railings. "Mom! I stuck!"
Like, coloring with marker all over their face and clothes

They pitch fits. Like, majorly...

Kids pout and cry when they don't get their way...

And, sweet little siblings fight...dirty.

Like, drawing on your brother who's sleeping because he made you mad
Like, having an all-out brawl over a broom. Seriously. 

But, the best part about real, is when you can catch it on camera.

Next week's theme will be "Pictures of Home". Anything to do with home: pets, messes, decorating mistakes, ugly decor, craft mistakes, etc. I already have a few that were emailed to me this time, but I need more. Keep 'em coming....

PS. Don't forget to tell your family and friends if your child was featured! Send 'em my way!



  1. This is hilarious! I know the little boy with the cheese grater and Pepsi! My favorite is the mustache drawing! Note to self...never let my kids see that picture..

    1. Thanks Jessica! Seriously, I can't give my oldest ANY ideas! Feel free to share some of your "REAL". too! :)

  2. Love it!! In December you should feature a 'Christmas Card Outtakes" I bet there are some great/awful ones!

    1. That is funny! I have already been thinking about holidays. I love that idea, though! Glad you liked it! It was SO much fun to do. I can't wait until Fridays now! Keep those pics coming...

  3. I love these! Great idea. And the blog is wonderful. So glad you are doing this!

  4. Okay, seriously girl? Brilliant! I love these pics. They make me feel like my house is "normal doin's". Thank you! I think the tantrums might be my favs. This is a fantastic niche for your blog. Did I mention brilliant???