Friday, June 22, 2012

Oh Snap! shots Friday

Well, my Mom flies back home to Alabama today.  She's been up here for the past week helping me run the house while I continue to hobble on my crutches. She has loved on my kiddos, cooked yummy meals, cleaned like a banchie and made me remember why I miss so badly living close to her. It will be hard to drop her off at the airport in a bit. (In fact, I will quickly change the subject before I burst into an ugly cry!)

It's been nice having the past three weeks off from full-time Mommy duty. I would be lying if I said I haven't kinda' enjoyed relaxing on the couch, loving on my two boys. (ok, I did do a lot of blogging, too) But, as I gear up for next week, when I am alone with the kids for the first time since surgery, I am having to remember to pace myself. Everything is a little "out of order" since I've been out of commission. I looked at the linen closet today and to my shock and horror, the first-aid kit was where the towels should go and the towels were where the first aid kit should go! (Deep breaths...Deep breaths.)

But, isn't keeping a perfect household impossible? No matter what you do, it gets undone. Without intervention, things decline and become more disorganized. If you ask me, it's proof that the Big Bang is a bunch of hogwash. That guy obviously didn't have a toddler at home.

Kids by nature are destroyers, little litterbugs that drop bits of junk everywhere.  Seconds after I'm done vacuuming, I can't even tell it's been done.

So, here's to all of us who are on the never-ending cycle of household upkeep. Let these picture bring you comfort knowing that you are not alone.

In real life, 
Oh Snap!

Little boys call this "picked up". 

As this little angel below said to her mommy, "It's okay. I'm just playing quiet."

 Teenage daughters like their "stuff".

The kitchen dishes multiply and no one seems to notice but you...

Your comfy recliner becomes a catch-all for random things, and eventually.....

......overflows into the garage/basement.

You take a break from the chaos and try to be all crafty with your kids, but nobody told you that a crayon wreath shouldn't go in direct sunlight...

Oh, and while you're being all crafty, your dog eats your blinds.


PS. Next week's challenge is "Everything but the Kitchen Sink." Send me pics of your kitchen surfaces. (boy, do I have a good one that one reader submitted last week!) Piles of dishes, messes your kids make, the aftermath of a dinner party, randomness that accumulates on the kitchen counters...ANYTHING KITCHEN! (no pantries, we will do that another week) Keep those cellphones handy to snap those shots and send 'em my way! Have a great weekend!



  1. My favorite?? The crayon wreath. I actually said "Oh No!" out loud. Bless her!

  2. oh the wreath! the blinds! ahh hahha love it! bri, please do one where pets destroy things because I have a few of bella being a terror :)

  3. Oh the crayon wreath. And I can sympathize with the little girl playing quiet.

  4. haha, the crayon wreath was definitely my favorite too!

  5. The little girl "playing quiet". Been there. Doin' that... RIGHT NOW! :) The kitchen counter you say? Eek!!!

  6. I got my button! Just figured it out! Check it out, and let me know what you think! Is it easy enough to read? I wasn't sure about the white font...hmm

    1. I added your button to my page! If you could do the same, that'd be great :)

  7. Mawmaw is missing everyone. And, I am still looking at a mess where I have not put away my things from travel. -mom

  8. LOL! The crayon wreath is my fave too!

    Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog!
    Have a nice day!

  9. OK... I just spit coffee all over my desk... The crayon wreath... bahhhaaaaa! That's something I would do! Hey it made beautiful art for the front door! Great blogging, Brianne!!