Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Piece of Alabama Heaven

Miracles do happen. And I am living proof.

I just met another girl from Alabama. Living here. In Jersey!

Yep. You read correctly. There is another slow-talkin', sweet-tea-makin', peach-cobbler-cookin', kids-running-around-the yard, come-on-in-just-as-you-are, feel-like-I've-known-you-all-my-life Southern belle running around New Jersey. This place will never be the same.

I met her a few weeks ago at a mom's event. I'd heard she had just moved from Alabama to the Garden State. I admit, I was a little giddy to be meeting someone from my own backyard.

She pulled up a few minutes late and unloaded her four kids. Wow. She was skinny and beautiful. Dang it. I decided I could still like her. :)

As she headed over to the group, she went to grab her keys. But, they weren't there... She'd locked her keys in her car.

At that moment, I knew we was gonna be tight.

We have spent the past month hanging out and chatting on the phone. We have shared and laughed. It brings tears to my eyes to watch our oldest two play together. They both have missed their Alabama friends tremendously and seem so thankful to have a friend to relate to.

The thing is, they get it. They know what it feels like to miss Nana's, Maw-Maw's and cousins. They miss Auburn football and Vacation Bible School with friends. It's a lot to adjust to. It's been hard for us, but I know it's been hard for the kids, too.

I will say, God has brought me so many friends since I have lived here. And for that, I am so grateful. But, I still can't believe that He brought me a new friend from home...to make this feel more like home.


As they left to go home tonight, we all waved and hollered as they loaded their suburban to drive away.   My heart was more full than it has been since moving here. I feel amazed, that I have someone here that gets me. That understands. That also needs family away from family.

(Speaking of family, my mom knows her family. We aren't related, though, that I know of... Hey, it is Alabama people...)

So, here's to our Jersey future. And until we get back home to Alabama, God is taking care of us with more friends, and now, more family than we can count.

My precious new friend and I, with her youngest son.

Yeah, our kids ran around in diapers. That's how we roll. 

Say "ALABAMA!!!!"

Say, "NEW JERSEY!!!"



  1. You are going to make it through your being away from home by creating your own family.

    1. Oh, that was from me, Mom, Maw-maw. And, yes, tell my Austin we'll Skype soon. --Mom

  2. Hi there! Stopping by from Cafe Mom! You've got a new follower:) Love your blog design, it is so pretty.I also, love your style of writing, it is so easy to relate to!! If you get a chance please check out my blog and facebook;)Hope to "talk" more with you soon!




  3. I don't know how you girls do it! I still live in the same town I grew up in! I'd be so lost (insane, maybe?) without my parents here to watch the kids every now and then!

    ...my kids also run around in diapers. in PA :)

    1. You are blessed girl! And we could SO hang out if you lived nearby!!!

  4. Because you seem to be such a sweetheart, I will NOT hold it against you that you mentioned Auburn - as I am a Roll Tide Roll girl, myself. ;o) I am so with ya on having family away from family. So important!

  5. Glad that you found a friend from Alabama, but sad that you didn't feel at home here until this.....