Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Oh Snap! Shots Needs YOU!

I recently was watching Fox News and Melania Trump (wife of the infamous Donald Trump) was on to promote her new jewelry line for QVC. After her plug, she offered some pictures of what her real life is like when the camera's aren't rolling.

I present, exhibit A:

photo source:

Well, thanks Mrs. Trump, but I highly doubt that. You see, here's what REAL looks like:

Seriously. Do you think any mother in her right mind would think that the picture of Mama Trump and son poolside was just a snapshot? In Alabama, we'd call that a "bunch of Hoo-ee".

Sure, I wouldn't expect her to post fat-pictures of herself or pics of young Barron William Trump running around with Superman undies over his head, but pictures that are posed usually don't tell the whole truth.

Well, I for one have had it! It is time to be real ladies! To air our dirty laundry...literally. Let's show each other the true ins-and-outs of motherhood. Think... the opposite of Martha Stewart.

Why can't we share and laugh about the reality of life? To see that another mom, ok, lots of other moms out there aren't perfect. To see that other people let the laundry go sometimes or let their kids play in the Butt-paste just to buy five more minutes of peace. (or is that just me?)

So, here's where you come in. Email me your pics. Your real pics. Not your organized pantry pics. Not your kid's perfectly-posed outdoor Easter shots. No gorgeous table settings and no shots looking amazing in spandex while running a 10K. All great things...just not what I'm going for here.

Every Friday, I will feature a reader's realistic pic in"Oh Snap! Shots". And if you'd prefer, you can choose to remain anonymous, so no one will even know your craziness. (Well, I will, but trust me, there ain't no judgement here...)

So, START SNAPPING! Pictures of your dirty dish pile. Pictures of your kids melting down. Even pictures where you, *GASP*, have on no make-up. I need material people! Don't let me down!

PS. You can tag me on Facebook on your pics. Add a caption or some words  I will share those, too!

Aaaaand, GO!  Can't wait to see them...



  1. This is GREAT! I've been thinking about doing something similar. I'll have to remember this so I can take some pictures of the ugly moments ;)

    I love your blog!! New follower :)

  2. ROFL! This was hilarious! This is a fabulous idea! I'll be submitting. Be kind, you never know what's comin' from my little corner of the world... ;)

  3. Yep. Hysterical. So fun--glad you are blogging! Thank you for all of your sweet comments/messages...they mean the world to me!!