Friday, June 29, 2012

Oh Snap! shots Friday

This week has been, well, a week. I wish I had a heap of happy-pappy goodness to share, but alas, my brain is mush. It was my first week alone at home with the kids since the hip surgery in early June and...whew...

Thank goodness for friends who got groceries, helped with laundry, brought meals, kept me company, and loved on my kiddos. I would have gone stir crazy and ended up back at the hospital if it weren't for them. Thank you from the heart of my bottom! :)

The hardest part has been keeping the house picked up. I've become pretty handy with my crutches and can even use them to pick up and shuffle items around the floor. Kind of like Edward Scissor-hands....only with crutches!

Now ladies, I don't deep clean very often, but I do like things picked up and in their proper place. Apparently, I am pretty neurotic about it (something my Mom observed last week...sorry Mom).  But, with kids, one thing is certain: there will be clutter and things will be strewn from hither to yonder... (and, yes, hither and yonder are actual places...)

Could I be a little more organized? Probably. Could I teach the kids to pick up better? Sure. But, lose that Mommy guilt, ladies, because for is what it is...

In real life, 

Oh Snap!

Clutter Happens.

A mother of three small kids sent the pic below and wrote the caption to go with it. Hilarious.

"Today's bottles complete with stinky liners, helmet ?, mermaid barbie who took a dip in the toilet, dried play doh, one shoe, wine glasses from last weekend bc they need handwashing, bucket of mop water bc I have been trying to mop since Tuesday, espresso mug, toothbrush ?, panties that my two year old daughter got out of the dirty clothes and put on like a backpack....and I won't comment on the shaker in the back :) There it is.....reality."

I love it!! Now, that IS reality! 

OK, people, next week's theme is PETS!!! Send me all of your pet mishaps, messes, or even some stinkin' cute pics of your pets with your kiddos! I know you won't let me down!! Tag me on Facebook, message me  or email me! I also have random ones that I am collecting as well, so send me anything that you think my fabulous audience would enjoy!!

PS. Have a wonderful weekend! Start planning those Fourth of July festivities and be sure take your camera's to catch some Oh Snap! shots!

PSS. Have I told you lately that I'm glad you stop by? :)


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  1. Edward Scissorhands, but with it! HA! Makes me want to watch that movie tonight...