Monday, July 23, 2012

Dela-Where? : Part Two

For the first couple of days in Wilmington, I tried to stay near or at the hotel for the sake of saving extra money. We went to a couple of nice playgrounds and swam in the hotel pool. But knowing there was more to do outside that Doubletree plagued my brain. I decided those hotel walls could contain me no longer. So, we ditched the ice-cold indoor swimming pool and swam for greater things. (And knowing I had to blog about it later did motivate me, too. There's only so much one can say about a hotel swimming pool and playgrounds.)

So, I gathered my two little munchkins, punched "Attractions" on the Garmin and whatever tickled my fancy, I Googled on my iPhone. I'd discuss the plan with my oldest and if we were in agreement, off we went!

Here's one of our favorite spots we discovered after two days of hotel blah-blah.

Pennsylvania Colonial Plantation
The day we discovered this little gem, it just so happened to be July 14th, which was their annual fundraiser: "Pirate/Splash Day." (How perfect was that?) And once my oldest knew that water and pirates were involved, he was in. Did I mention it was raining? And icky? But, alas, I pressed onward through the mud and the animal poop in my maxi-dress and sandals. 

And I'm glad I did. It might have been a yucky day, but this fabulous place was worth visiting. The inspiring workers on this authentic historical plantation made our day quite memorable. And the rain? It eventually dried up...but Jayden still got soaked from his pirate adventures. Argh!

"Pirates of the Plantation"

Rubber Ducky Races!

Guess who's lucky duck won the race? :)
Yet, he was more excited about that grape dum-dum in his hand.

Opie, making paper like they did in the 1700's.

Yeah, that'd be Opie with the intense look of battle on his face.

Water Wars!

Defending their ship against water cannonballs

Peanut was curious about the rotating sprinklers.
His final verdict was... he did not like them.

He did like the chicken coop, though.
And, I leave you with this...

Quiz: Is that a Hen or a Rooster? 
Answer: I couldn't tell ya. 
But, I do know that it is a chicken.


PS. Hold onto your hats. I have one more "Dela-where" installment planned. Yeah, I know. You will hardly be able to sleep armed with such knowledge. But just try to contain your excitement, and rest up. You're gonna need all of your enthusiasm for the fantas-ticulous give-away beginning this weekend!


  1. LOL some of those pirates look inbred and that is a hen!

  2. That place looks awesome! And I's a hen! ..and a chicken! ;)

    1. It was great! Not sure if you are close to that at all, but it was really neat! I love old houses, though and learning how things were done back then. And, thanks for the chicken knowledge! :)

  3. LOL about "Opie"! And stankin' cute, that little lucky ducky of yours looks like. I am so enjoy these Dela-where installments because, if I can ever get my brood down there, I'll have a little running list of places to hit up while there. You've done my work for me. I love that! ;)

    1. Thanks. I love that place. I have been so busy this week! I have not been able to blog about windows or anything else, yet! :) So enjoyed talking with you the other day. Such a blessing!

  4. Opie, the naked savage! Aunt Bee wouldn't have allowed him at the dinner table like that!

    1. Oh my! You are so right. This is Opie, the redneck from Alabama, though.