Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Slow Down Sista

I overdid it this past week. I was own my own again with the kids. I felt okay, so I put the crutches aside and did my thang.

And now, I can hardly walk.

Sooooo, back on crutches. And it's killing me! I am losing whatever physical fitness I had by not being able to workout each day. My mom snapped a picture of me sitting by the pool, holding my crutches and eating. There's nothing worse than a fat picture of yourself sitting in a filled-out chair and stuffing your face. It's like adding insult to injury. So, while Mom handed me the camera to snap one of her with the baby, I deleted them. I can not have those bad boys posted on Facebook. Yikes.

That being said, I recognize there is something I can do since I can't exercise. Eating like there is about to be a worldwide rationing of food, though, is not that thing. So, I am going to change some areas of my life that I can control, like increasing my fruit and veggie intake and eating less process foods.

I started by joining an organic co-op. I picked up the box of healthy goodness last Thursday. There were five Peruvian bananas (from Peru...Does that make me a banana snob?), four Valencia oranges, cherries, blueberries, four white peaches, collard greens, two Mexican tomatoes of some kind, two zucchini, summer onions, carrots with edible greens, basil, and kohlrabi.

It was yummy, but there wasn't enough fruit to last us three days in our house, which meant another big expensive order or a trip to the grocery store. Lance and I took an hour to cut everything up. It was quite time consuming. Call me lazy, but I hate chopping, dicing, washing, slicing, and peeling produce. I'm one of those people who buy the produce whole to save money, only to "rediscover" it again a few days after it has expired substantially.

It's a vicious cycle. One I must break.

So, no organic co-op for me. Too expensive for too little food. I guess I will try the Farmer's Market next week. Maybe I can find some local produce that I can buy in large quantities and not have to break the bank. Take a gander at the pic I snapped for you guys after I picked up from the co-op this week. Guess you can say I still have some bad habits to break...



  1. definitely try the farmers market! not sure about the prices there but here it is about the same as buying at the grocery store. HOWEVER, you can feel good because you are supporting local farmers and businesses instead of large corporations, and also most foods are organic meaning no pesticides or hormones, etc. I definitely choose the farmers market over the grocery whenever I get the chance! You could also try to write out your meals and snacks for the week that way you are sure to use all your foods and also because diet really does drive weight loss, ESPECIALLY when you can't be active! I loved your status about jayden last night.....SO PRECIOUS!


  2. I HATE cutting up fruits and veggies too! I have to set aside time to just do it all at once...or it won't happen!

  3. Brianne try Wharton's Farmers Market. I write down the sales from the paper to price compare.

  4. As long as you are getting fruit into your house and into the mouths of you and yours, I think you're on the right track. (LOL about the DD bags on top of the fruit boxes. Oh, the irony!) I actually just read about how pre-cut fruit is often cheaper than buying whole and then cutting it up - so don't sweat the chopping and dicing. :)