Friday, July 6, 2012

Oh Snap! Shots Friday: Gone to the Dogs (& Cats)

All I can say

I asked you to send me some pictures of your pets and... well, you did. Big time. I received more pictures of pets than I have of anything else...even kids. And you know people love their kids!

We don't have a pet right now (a fact my oldest continually nags me about), but we did have a dog a few years back before having kids. Her name was "Baby". She was like our kid. We bathed her, fed her, took her to the doctor, groomed her, played with and cuddled with her. She was the best dog. She didn't bark. She didn't bite. She was playful and sweet.

But she did have one nasty habit.

She'd leave us a "present" behind our recliner every time we had to board her. No exceptions. We even tried hiring a house sitter to stay with her while we went away. She still left us "the gift" upon our return.

But, as much as we hated cleaning up her "retaliation", we miss that dog. She was such a little personality.

So, here's to all of you who have little furry kids running around (or running) your house. Enjoy it all. Even..."the gifts". :)

In Real Life, 

Oh Snap!

We love our pets...

Rocco - Birmingham, Alabama

Ginger - Greenville, South Carolina

Gizmo - Montevallo,  Alabama

Zoey - Oxford, Alabama

We love dressing them up...

Chewie Hooie - Montgomery, Alabama

Kingston - Thomson, Georgia

 Thorn - Jacksonville, Florida

Bogey - Birmingham, Alabama

They make us laugh...

"I'll 'Eat More Chicken' if you give me a sample...." 

"Am I doing the "downward dog" correctly?" - Cooper, Helena, Alabama

"Oh...were you wanting to use this recliner?" - Thorn

"I am not going to sit on this nasty floor!" -  Bruiser, Carrollton, Georgia

"Is this your idea of  'a little off the top' ?"

"Could you please turn those bright lights off?" -  Smokey,  Greenville, South Carolina

     "Hay Ma! I'm diggin' a hole to China!" - Dixie, White Plains, Alabama

"I think this Wii Fit might help me work off that extra catnip..." 
Gingersnap, Greenville, South Carolina

They're part of the family...

Guarding the Neighborhood - Bogey, with Natalie and Emmett 
Birmingham, Alabama

"Those two act like animals..." - Bogey, with Natalie and Emmett

They get into everything...

Comfy and Cozy in the Sink - Smokey, Greenville, South Carolina

"What does this do? Me-OOOOOWWWWW!"- Zeke, Oxford, Alabama

"Oh...Hey Mom. What? I've got a little something on my lip?"
- Bella, San Jose, California

"Maybe if I just lick a little off the side..."

"Gee...I didn't expect you to come home so early..." 

"What?! I heard you talking about a 'mud bath', so I just thought..." - Bella

"Maybe if I play dead she won't even notice I dug up her brand new window box..." 
- Jack, Mount Olive, Alabama

New doggie beds: BEFORE

New Doggie Beds: AFTER

"Hi. Oh yeah, about the new doggie, thanks?"- Zoey & Roxy

"Charmin test: complete. However, this bear did not cooperate."
Jessie, (the shadow) Greenville, South Carolina

But best of all,
Pets teach us to stop and smell the flowers...

Bogey, as a puppy

Whew! See? I told you I had a lot turned in. They were so cute, though. I really enjoyed seeing all of your "kids". (and their messes...)

I hope you all had a fantastic Fourth of July! Ours was a "blast" (no pun intended)! This weekend is going to be full of housework...oh, joy. So, to make my days brighter, send me pics! Of anything! The funnier, the better.

Next week's theme is... (drumroll please) "Air Your Dirty Laundry" I want pics that deal with laundry. Laundry rooms, kids in the laundry basket, kids on the laundry machines, laundry disasters, piles of laundry, etc. Anything to do with laundry. That leaves it WIDE open... 

Go ahead and start snapping! I can't wait to see 'em.

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  1. holy cow - so many pet pictures :)

    and i'm excited to be your newest follower - and i'm kind of smitten with your blog design :)


    1. Thanks Elisabeth! I usually don't have that many pics. I may have to spread them out over two days next time. It took forever! :) So excited you are my newest follower. Woo-hoo!! We have a good time over here! And thanks about the design...I fell in love with it, too. The gal who did it is as sweet as pie, too. Thanks for stopping by and leaving and comment. Have a fanta-bulous weekend!!