Friday, July 13, 2012

Oh Snap! Shots Friday...errrr...Saturday

We are in Delaware doing a bit of traveling. My husband has to work down here for a few days, so we decided to drive down and join him. I just got connected to the internet in my hotel room. It took me forty-five minutes. Me not so tech savvy.

Anyways, my husband said he'd do the laundry while we're here. (I 'bout passed out.) There's a washer and dryer where he's working, so he volunteered. I was pretty excited because now I won't have to spend afternoons in a laundromat with my two boys like I'd expected. It's a win-win.

Or so I thought.

This morning when I woke up to find the laundry, it was still in the dirty bag...wet. Oh, he'd done the laundry all right. He just hadn't dried it. So, I guess that's on the agenda for tomorrow. I'm sure it will smell all kinds of wonderful. But, God love him for volunteering. (Can I reiterate that the clean clothes were put back into the dirty bag? You guys know how I feel about recontaminated laundry!)

Speaking of laundry...

In real life...
Oh Snap!

Laundry piles up.
"Wait a minute... Where did the baby go? "
Little Ones Love to "Help".

You have to buy more detergent because
someone decides to play in the laundry powder. 

You can't even do the laundry because your
husband is "fixing" the dryer...

Laundry is hard to stay "on top" of.

Thanks for the precious pics you sent in! I should have snapped a pic of my laundry room in my scary basement. I went down Thursday for the first time since having surgery back in early June. Yeah. It looked like a small explosion had occurred. Oh well. A momma's work is never done...

Next week's theme for Oh Snap! shots is "Dog Days of Summer". Send me pics of your summer stuff. Funny vacation shots, creative outdoor games, front porch hang-outs, indoor activity mishaps, or funny pool shots. Anything SUMMER! 

So, what are you guys doing this summer?? Please share! 



  1. Mercy - that child sleeping on top of the dryer is precious with a capital P! I remember we tried putting Sweetboy on top of the dryer in his carseat once or twice hoping that would help him nap - but, alas, it never did. I so look forward to these Oh Snapshot posts. :)

  2. Isn't he adorable? He is one of seven kiddos in his house! And I never thought about putting them on top in their car seats... maybe that would have worked for us. Whew! Those baby days are HARD!

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