Monday, July 30, 2012

What Did I Just Say?

Sometimes, with my youngest, I catch myself saying things and think, "I never thought I'd be putting those words together in the same sentence...."

Case in Point:

"Stop touching your wiener with the cracker!"

"Those are tampons, not popsicles."


What are some strange things you've caught yourself saying...

out loud?



  1. Do not eat boogers. They are not nutritious. --Mom

  2. "we absolutely do not hit our brother in the face with a waffle" I just found your blog on MBC I think I am in love. The joys of motherhood wrapped in a completely sarcastically funny package (stating what so many have been wanting to say) ... I am sold! I literally have been laughing out loud reading your posts. Can't wait to read more.

    1. HA!! That is hilarious! SOOOOO glad you found me, too! I am new at all of this and am tickled to death when someone visits me. You just made my day! Seriously, such kind words. That means so much. I definitely try to keep it real on here. (sometimes a little too real...HA!) Keep on comin' and go register for my give-away if you haven't already!! It is on a post from last week! Now off to check out your blog!! YIPPEE!!!