Friday, July 27, 2012

Oh Snap! Shot Friday: Life's a Beach!

My little rental house has a great covered front porch that we have thoroughly enjoyed this summer. That being said, it is quite empty looking since we have no furniture for it. And the only decorations we have are a bajillion toys, random household items, our redneck homemade water table (see pic below), and a miniature John Deer tractor for my toddler. So, let me just say that I doubt you will be seeing pics of my front porch on Pinterest anytime soon, or like,  ever

Even so, it is nice to have a place to step out of the house, even if it's raining, to get some fresh air. That being said, I would much rather be stepping out onto a private balcony overlooking the ocean and breathing in that fresh air. But, alas...

Oh well, I guess I could throw some sand and a few seashells in our homemade water table, stick my toes in that and just look at the beach in these precious pics...

In Real Life...

Oh Snap!

Isn't it the best...
...watching a kid play in the ocean?

...running around the sand without a care in the world?

...burying (or semi-burying) someone in the sand?
...spending the whole day just being together? great kids sleep after playing so hard in the hot sun?

Those soooo make me want to just load up the car and head to the coast! But, then I remember the amount of packing that actually requires, the whole swimsuit thing, and BAM!... I'm over it.

PS. Next week's theme is: "Now that probably wasn't such a good idea, was it?" Send me pics of your kids or anyone caught in the act of something that could have or actually did end up with not-so-good consequences... I can't WAIT!!!

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  1. Love the family pictures! & I completely understand about the porch situation. We have a huge back patio & I have no idea what to put back there! Hope you are enoying your weekend!

    XOXO Courtney.